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Who’s got the cat?


This activity takes no preparation at all. All you need is a prop like a soft toy or flashcard. I use my toy cat called George.


First, I practise prepositions of place using hand gestures and getting the students to repeat in chant form.

Start by holding your left hand out in front of you clenched in a fist.

To practise ‘ON’ put your right hand on top of your clenched fist.

For ‘UNDER’ put your right hand under your clenched fist.

For ‘IN’ put your first two fingers of your right hand into your clenched fist.


Select a willing student to go and stand outside the class. Tell them they are not allowed to listen or look whilst outside.

Give the cat or any other object you are using to another student to hide. They can hide it under their desk, in their bag or on their laps…

Ask the student to come back in. The class has to ask the student ‘WHO HAS GOT THE CAT?’. The student then has 3 guesses. They have to go up to the students who they think has got the cat and ask them ‘HAVE YOU GOT THE CAT?’. The chosen student then has to answer ‘YES, I HAVE’ or ‘NO, I HAVEN’T’.

If they guess correctly, they have to say ‘NAME OF STUDENT/SHE/HE HAS GOT THE CAT’. You can get them to tell you where the cat was to practise the prepositions.

The person who hid the cat can then go outside to play. The person who has just come in gets to hide the cat in a new place.


I’ve played this with my 6 and 7 year olds and they really love going outside and coming back in.

2 thoughts on “Who’s got the cat?

  1. The idea is very effective and creative. My students enjoyed the activity and were able to grasp the concept of prepositions effectively.
    Thank you.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I am getting students ready for their speaking exam so they need as much practice verbally as possible! A website I can highly recommend for similar activities is Genki English. They have loads of teaching videos on youtube that show different ways of getting the students to speak in fun ways. Thanks for your feedback!


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