Two Truths and a Lie

I used this today to sneakily introduce some grammar without my students noticing. The inspiration for this activity came from a lovely blog called ‘A Hive of Activities’ by Emma Gore-Lloyd. The activity is called Liar, Liar.

I was revising past simple question forms but your sentences could be adapted to focus on a range of grammatical structures.

Write two true sentences on the board and one false.

1.) I went swimming yesterday.

2.) I spoke to my Grampa last Thursday.

3.) I got up at 6.30 am this morning.

On the other side of the board I wrote the title: Body Language. I bullet-pointed what they should look out for to discover a lie.

  • Looking up to the right = a lie
  • Looking up to the left = a memory (I am right-handed but if somebody is left-handed the directions of their eyes is the opposite)
  • Rubbing my neck = a lie
  • Tapping my fingers = a lie
  • Shifty Eyes = a lie
  • Leaning back = a lie
  • Holding something in front of me = a lie
  • A sudden change in voice = a lie

I then told them they were FBI Agents who had 3 minutes to interrogate me. They had to ask me a series of questions to observe my body language. In this case, they had to exercise their past tenses.

When their time was up, we went through my sentences and they had to tell me which one they thought was my lie based on my body language.

Your students can also then do the same as above in pairs or small groups. You could follow up this activity with Ghostwriter. This is another lovely idea taken from the blog ‘A Hive of Activities’ by Emma Gore-Lloyd.

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