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Cool Hunting: Fashion and Technology

I recently used this video with my students as we have been studying future tenses.

It shows us how clothes and technology are coming together and what items we might be wearing in the future.

1.) Show your students the still image of the jumper at the start of the video. Get them to predict why the jumper is special. At this stage don’t tell your students the jumper is related to technology. I like to engage their imaginations as much as possible! Some of my students are really good at this. For others, it is difficult. I like to put them on the spot, especially in preparing them for the speaking and writing part of exams. To test their vocab, you could also ask them what item of clothing it is. Some of my students didn’t think it was a jumper and came up with a whole variety!

2.) Tell them the jumper is significant because of technology. Ask them what role they think technology has in this garment. Some responses I got include: it’s solar-powered, it has built-in wifi, you can recharge your mobile with it …

3.) Write the following comprehension/hook questions on the board:

a.) What is Jump? How does it work?
b.) Who owns Motorola?
c.) What is Soundscape? How does it work?

4.) Watch the video. After the video, take feedback to see if their predictions about the jumper were correct. Be careful with confusion over the words JUMPER and JUMP! Some of my students thought I was talking about JUMP when I was asking them about the JUMPER. A perfect opportunity to clarify pronunciation and listening!

5.) Check their answers to the hook questions.

6.) Have a group discussion about what they think of the technology in the clothes. Do they like them? Why (not)? Would they wear them?

Most of my students didn’t think very highly of the garments. However, one insightful student illustrated that his father probably couldn’t imagine a future world where people would be playing tennis with their TVs at home. Look at us now!


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