Speaking / Warmers and Plenaries

Alphabet Conversation


Do you need a quick activity to warm your students up at the start of class? Maybe you need to fill some time at the end? Try this activity!

Tell your students they are going to have a conversation. The catch is that they need to work through the alphabet! You can put them in pairs or small groups.

Write the first 3 lines on the board as an example:

Student A:  After class, I would like to go for a walk.

Student B: But you can’t in this weather. It’s freezing!

Student C: Can’t you wait until the weekend? The weatherman said it’s sunny on Saturday.

Give them about 5-10 minutes. You could time them to see who gets the furthest in the alphabet.

This idea comes from a great little book called ‘Games’. It came free with The Guardian and Observer newspapers. It’s getting old and tatty now, but it has been a life-saver in class over the years!


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