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Star Jars

I was once a counsellor on an American summer camp many moons ago. At the end of our contract, after all the children had gone home, our boss got us to sit down one evening and create Star Jars for each other. It was a silent activity and it was lovely! Our boss had gone out and bought cute little jam jars with pretty lids. On each one she had placed a sticker with our name on and a picture. She gave us loads of little pieces of paper and on each one we had to write a secret note to all the staff. At the end, we had to go and place our secret notes in the jars. On the last day, our boss gave them to us as leaving presents. I have had mine for about 10 years now. To this day I sometimes like to read the notes to try to guess who wrote them! They still make me smile.

So of course, this is something I have stolen for my classroom use. I am not so rich as to go out and buy jam jars for all of my classes. Instead I like to use envelopes. Although if you are generous, you can find them cheap in any hardware store or supermarket. As well as that, you could recycle your jars from home!

I use it at the end of the year to say goodbye to groups of students. I give them some ideas of what they could write about. For example:

  • Positive adjectives to describe characters: I think you are … because…
  • Something funny you remember about them: I remember when…
  • If money was no object, what present would they buy for them and why? : If I was rich, I would buy you… because…

Then like my boss, I give them out as leaving presents. Hopefully, they will enjoy them as I much I as have enjoyed mine.


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